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Once upon a time, humans ate nothing but fresh and natural food. Phrases like "high-fructose" and "Twinkie" weren't in our vocabulary. Then, at some point in the near-past, "food enhancement" became the Big Thing. Eventually, it became difficult to find food products that weren't made in a lab.

Well...things have changed. Those days are almost over. And at the forefront of the "un-revolution" is Fresh Harvest Products™.

At Fresh Harvest Products™, we crave to connect people and nature™.
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Do what the kitty says, or else he won’t be your friend!

A bit of a dysfunctional friendship, yes, but friendship with a cat nonetheless! 

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Apples + cinnamon + 200 degree oven + 1 hour = homemade apple chips


take notes!


take notes!

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A good night’s sleep will ensure that you awake refreshed, looking radiant and youthful. Adequate sleep is vital to avoid puffiness around the eyes and maintain vibrant skin. Habitually cutting sleep cycles short can mean more than missing out on your beauty sleep can have a negative impact on your beauty and your overall health. In fact, inadequate amounts of sleep can lead to unwanted weight gain, cravings for fat-laden, carbohydrate-heavy foods, memory loss, a weakened immune system and even an increased risk for heart disease. 

Hormones & Sleep
While we sleep, the hormone melatonin is released, which has a positive effect on the immune system and the skin. Sleep rebuilds energy reserves and regenerates the body as our cells undergo repair. When we sleep, the body is able to turn down the negative effects of cortisol and the “bad” neurotransmitters, like epinephrine and norepinephrine that can be elevated during stress. Growth hormone (the youth hormone) is also released during sleep.

Diet & Sleep
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter vital to helping the body regulate appetite, sleep, and mood. An amino acid called Tryptophan can actually raise levels of serotonin, making it a wonderful treatment for insomnia, anxiety and depression. Enjoy salmon, halibut and turkey often. They are all excellent sources of tryptophan, as are beans and lentils. 

Exercise & Sleep
People who exercise regularly enjoy improved sleep quality. They fall asleep more quickly, sleep more deeply, awaken less often and sleep longer.

Source: Dr. Perricone


Fitspo, thinspo, motivation + tips! I follow back!


Fitspo, thinspo, motivation + tips! I follow back!

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Um, amazing.



These eggplant “tacos” are a tasty appetizer… It’s basically just a little round of baked eggplant with brie and cilantro in the middle, folded up like a mini taco! You could also serve them alongside a main course as a vegetable. I bake/roast the eggplant rounds on a greased cookie sheet, drizzled with olive oil (generously) plus a bit of sea salt if you wish. If you flip the eggplant half way through, it’ll get brown on both sides. About 8 minutes on each side worked for me- but watch them closely- if some slices are thinner, they’ll cook faster.

I could eat a whole plate of these….Enjoy!

By Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast